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“Come, he replied, and you will see”

Come and See



“Come, he replied, and you will see”
John 1:39


When Jessie took her last breath here on this earth, September 8, 2008, we had no idea what God had in store. That He would provide hope to thousands through clean, affordable drinking water for children and their families in the Dominican Republic did not cross our minds.  In fact, our vision was clouded by tears of grief and sorrow.  There were difficult days ahead for sure, but during the months that followed we pressed on with intentional faith.  There were days that were more difficult than others, but we knew the God who gave Jessie her confidence to boldly approach eternity without fear was the same God who would see us through.  Oswald Chambers says it this way, “Faith never knows where it is being led, it knows and loves the One who is leading.”  That describes our family then and now as we strive to walk a little less by feeling, a little less by sight and more by faith.

Nevertheless, in the midst of this journey we are learning that He gives us occasional glimpses of His greater purpose.  One of those times was on February 27, 2014 when we stood at the newly constructed Jessie Water plant in Villa Gonzalez for the dedication.  It is hard to fully express our emotions but one thing we knew, God was not finished with Jessie’s story.

In March of this year, the Jessie’s Well Foundation Board agreed to fund a second plant in Villa Vasquez as part of a 5 year vision for funding 23 additional plants at Compassion Church partners throughout the Dominican Republic. 

Now we are just 2 months away from embarking on a new adventure as we set out from Seattle Washington to cycle 3400 miles across the country – raising funds to help us build the remaining 22 water plants.  The event is called Water Cycle USA, and we invite you to follow along with us as we share our story of hope and a future made possible by God’s amazing grace.

GK Chesterton once wrote “God is like the sun.  You cannot look at it, but without it you cannot look at anything else.”  We are thankful that through His illumination He has invited us to “Come and see.”