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How is all this possible?


How is all this possible?


We are now 13 days from the start of Water Cycle USA which seems a bit surreal.  After a year and a half of planning the adventure is about to begin.  No undertaking of this size would be possible without the collective effort of many gifted, generous and talented people.  With that said I would like to bring attention to some of the folks who have played and are playing an important role in this event. 

Each of our corporate sponsors have willingly stepped up to participate financially without any requirement for recognition.  We believe, however, that recognition is due.

Community Plus & North State Bank have been long time and loyal banking partners for my business and foster a company culture that is missions minded and value relationships. 

First Restoration Services have likewise served our customers and clients for years with outstanding disaster response.  They are also community minded and continue to be generous with their time and resources. 

Nationwide Trent & Associates care deeply about the community and believe in doing their part to impact the world for good.  Jason Trent has been a loyal cycling partner for many miles and may be joining us for part of the ride.

Brevard Community Church is our church family with whom we have journeyed and worshiped through life’s trials.  We are ever grateful to be a part of the Brevard Community Church body.

Fast Signs Asheville willingly stepped up to provide the graphics on the Water Cycle vehicles enabling us to tell our story as we cross the country. is the team to whom I owe much gratitude.  Their dedication to building lasting relationships with customers and clients has allowed our brand to be recognized as the best in the business for 30 years.  I am honored to work with such a remarkable team.  A special thanks to Robb Baer and the leadership team who have captured this vision alongside us in support of Water Cycle.

Other partners and team members have also contributed greatly and need to be mentioned. We are proud to be partnered with Compassion International in this effort.  Compassion does the best of any organization to rescue children from poverty and provide for their true needs.  To that end we are grateful to have Compassion embrace Water Cycle and open doors that would not otherwise been open to us. 

The team at Digital Light Bridge has done outstanding work by providing the creative efforts for our Web site and marketing material.  Additionally, Mark Phelan, of Phelanx produced a brilliant video teaser for Water Cycle and has been an encourager along the way.  Jason Jaques and Exit Realty in loaning Morgan White’s expertise in shooting and producing the quick videos for social media.

Robert Davis served as an intern this summer assisting with social media execution and planning.  Robert’s assistance was valuable and will be missed as he starts back to school. 

Finally, our family continues to support us with love and encouragement as they have through so many years. 

We are grateful to all who are part of the Water Cycle team through prayer and support allowing us to tell this story of hope.

Kit & Marilyn