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Day 35

Day 35
October 12, 2015

After breakfast this morning we said goodbye to Ron Davis who had spent the last two nights with us in Fort Worth and took great care of us while we were there.   After pulling up anchor we drove to Denton, Texas to begin our ride.  We had left off from Denton on Saturday.  It was fun having my nephew, Dann Cahoon along on the ride today.  As I mentioned in an earlier blog, he will be riding with me to Slidell, Louisiana. 

The day’s ride took us along highway 380 to Greenville.  It’s a busy road but pretty good shoulders for most of the day.  As I was crossing an intersection my tire was cut open by a razor blade lying in the road.  I had to call our support team (Marilyn) who brought the official Water Cycle 2015 support car back to deliver a replacement tire.  We were delayed about an hour so our day ended a little bit later than we expected but we ended it with a large meal at Cracker Barrel.   I think I drank 6 glasses of sweet tea and 5 glasses of water. 

Tomorrow we have a fairly long day to Gilmer, Texas and hopefully no flats.