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Day 52


Day 52
October 29, 2015


We began our day in Lake City, Florida.  I was privileged to ride today with Edouard Lassegue, representing Compassion International and my lifelong friend Scott Elliott.  We enjoyed a leisurely start to begin the 68 miles to Jacksonville.  Our route continued along highway 90 with good shoulders, smooth asphalt and absolutely gorgeous weather.  At one point we stopped at a small grocery for a break and enjoyed conversation with some of the locals.  Later in the day we stopped for lunch at a local diner and, again, enjoyed conversation with many of the locals in the restaurant who took an interest in Water Cycle. 

As we rode we took turns at leading or “pulling” which makes for an easy ride for those drafting behind.  At one point we were able to enjoy 14 miles of a paved bike trail through thick pine and oak forests.  The miles clicked by quickly and I had an absolutely, great time.  It was like 68 miles of celebration.  We finished today at Marilyn’s brother’s house in Jacksonville.  As I was riding down his street the realization began to set in that I had ridden my bike from Seattle to Jacksonville and just smiled to myself.  What a day it was. 

We ended the day with the great privilege of having dinner with several of our Compassion friends and Brevard Community Church family who traveled to Jacksonville to cheer us along to the finish.  After dinner we attended worship service at the Church of Eleven 22 where Jessie’s Well Foundation was introduced and the church prayed for us.   What an honor for us to be surrounded by family and friends once again. 

Tomorrow we will ride 30 miles from Rob’s house to the Atlantic Ocean for the ceremonial dip of the front tire in the ocean.