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Day 53


Day 53
October 30, 2015


I can’t fully express in words the emotion of this day but it’s not what you may be thinking.  Yes, I was very pleased to have completed my ride across the United States and to enjoy the sense of accomplishment that comes from completing a goal.   The emotions of gratitude, however, came from a collision of thankfulness.  It started as friends and church family members traveled from Brevard to Jacksonville to be with us.  Young Hunter Compton, who kicked off Water Cycle 2015 at Brevard Community Church in August was with us today with his family and pedaled the final hundred feet to the Atlantic as part of our team.  Marilyn’s brother, Rob Clements and his wife Poppy have graciously welcomed and hosted us here in Jacksonville along with many of their friends.  Our sister-in-law, Celeste Rault, traveled from New York to be with us for the final lap. Members of the Compassion team who have faithfully supported and encouraged us along the way were present.  I was so pleased that Marilyn was able to ride the final 30 miles to the beach with me. She has been and continues to be amazing in her support and strength throughout this ride.  She is truly the un-sung hero of Water Cycle and captain of the RV ship.   But the most powerful moment for me was when, to my utter surprise, our son Robert came riding up on a bike as we were preparing to ride this morning. He had flown into Jacksonville from Colorado last night to surprise me.  What a joy to finish the Water Cycle ride together as a family.   

I am convinced this journey is far from over.  Water Cycle was intended to be a conversation starter to share the opportunity to change the lives of children in extreme poverty by providing clean water for health and the Living Water of Christ for life. So now the conversation has begun and the journey continues.  I am very grateful to report that we will be funding more water plants in the very near future and will have many more to go.  I plan to continue the conversation on this blog and report progress as we continue to see where God opens doors of opportunity for Jessie’s Well.

Marilyn and I are so very grateful for the many, many friends who have faithfully followed along with us and cheered us on along the way.  Please know that we could hear your cheering all the way across the country.

We look forward to enjoying a day of rest.  Robert returns to Colorado tomorrow and Marilyn and I will head back to North Carolina on Sunday.  We are looking forward to being home again.  We’ll be keeping you posted on Jessie’s Well here at this blog.  Thank you, again, for your love and support.