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Day 1

We began the ride today under a cloudy fog coming off the Puget Sound. Working our way through town along Lake Washington and headed south

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How is all this possible?

We are now 13 days from the start of Water Cycle USA which seems a bit surreal. After a year and a half of planning the adventure is about to begin. No undertaking of this size would be possible without the collective effort of many gifted, generous and talented people.

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The Heart of the Matter - Investing in Hope

It is very rewarding to see so many people participating with donations upon hearing how God is using Jessie’s Well story to bring hope to thousands in the Dominican Republic. But what happened recently when I was having my car serviced reminded me of what matters most.

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Jessie's Well Foundation Funds Second Water Plant

Jessie’s Well Foundation has funded the second water plant as part of a 5 year, 24 plant ministry project plan in the Dominican Republic.  The plant, which is being constructed in the community of Villa Vaquez, is a reverse osmosis water purification system capable of producing 6000 gallons of clean, affordable drinking water.  Over the past two decades, Dominican Republic has made great strides in…

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Report from Villa Gonzalez

This past year Jessie’s Well Foundation was able to fund a water purification plant in the village of Villa Gonzalez just outside of Santiago, Dominican Republic thanks to your generosity and support. In 2013, we traveled to the Dominican on two vision trips to learn more about the work of Compassion International in the DR and explore various opportunities for involvement. During our second trip,…

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Anyone who believes in me may come and drink! For the Scriptures declare, 'Rivers of living water will flow from his heart.' - John 7:38 -